Tricky Advertising at its Finest (Or Worst)

Here’s the scenario: You’re in a restaurant. You’re seated there with three of your closest friends, catching up over 16 oz. USDA choice sirloins. Suddenly, a half-crazed man enters the restaurant and stands in the middle of the dining room.

“May I have your attention, please?”

Everyone gives him their attention.

“Believe it or not, you guys are eating Walmart steaks.”


How would you respond? Not only has this man interrupted your pleasant evening, but he has shouted out a fact that has everyone around you bewildered. Shouts of, “No way!” and “I can’t believe this succulent juicy hunk of cow has come from such a petty supermarket!” are flying everywhere.


No doubt you understand the commercial I have derived this scenario from. My question is: Why is everyone so surprised? Does it really matter where the steaks came from? Does the fact that they came from Walmart (God forbid!) make you think differently about the store chain?

Who cares? A USDA choice sirloin will be the same if it comes from Walmart, Bill’s Meat Bazaar, the world’s finest beef shop, or the black market. Don’t disturb my dinner with your pithy advertising!


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