On People Who Smoke

The war on smokers has to stop.

Before you hastily start writing a nasty complaint, reread the sentence. The war on smoking should continue. The war on smokers needs to stop.

I don’t smoke. Nor do I encourage others to do so. I don’t dispute that smoking is bad for your health. But I don’t agree with the showing of anti-tobacco commercials on public television or before movies. No I’m not heartless, but no one wants to see these diseases displayed in a public sevice announcement.

Non-smokers: When you encounter someone who smokes, treat them like you would anyone else. Do not be mean, do not be “think-of-the-children.” Quitting smoking is not as easy as you may think. Just because your uncle’s cousin’s roommate quit cold turkey doesn’t mean everyone else can. These people are just that: people. Treat them like that.

Smokers: I feel for you.


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